I’m Tash – the Barefoot Baker.

I had this blog for a couple of years and then stopped writing for a while. I just stopped being inspired. I started working in London and found it hard to muster the energy to come home and write, or spend more time staring at a computer screen.

I never stopped being inspired, or excited, or soothed by cooking. I love to be in the kitchen, at food markets, in restaurants, sharing a table with friends, watching Chef’s Table, Bake Off or Great British Menu, reading Jamie Oliver, Rachel Khoo and Nigella (plus countless others). But, for some reason, I lost my desire to write about anything at all.

Then a few weeks ago, quite out of the blue, my inspiration came meandering back. Twitches of ideas started to stir within me. I played with the idea of thinking of a new blog name, a totally fresh beginning but…it didn’t seem right. Baker does seem to imply that I spend my time mostly producing cupcakes and pies – and sometimes I do! – but there’s a lot more to my repertoire than THAT.

I picked up Georgina Hayden’s Stirring Slowly today (if you haven’t heard of her; follow her on Instagram immediately and grab a copy of the book. She’s brill) and reading her intro captured so perfectly my relationship with food, that I couldn’t help but pick this evening to feel ready to begin writing again. She talks of spending time in the kitchen; of enjoying chopping, peeling, frying, boiling and stirring; of taking a moment to research a recipe, shop for your ingredients; of nourishing yourself.

I cook and bake to destress. It started properly at university and grew from there. I love prepping a meal for family or friends. Love taking my time, listening to music or an audiobook (sometimes just catching up on House of Cards or Game of Thrones), whilst something is bubbling away.

This post doesn’t contain a recipe, and not all of them will, but a good majority of what I’ll share here are my triumphs (and failures…maybe!) in the kitchen.

So, before I stop rambling I have to say thanks to my boyfriend for constantly encouraging me to get myself writing again, and here’s to hoping I don’t fall out of love with my little blog again!